Delayed oral care has consequences.

Dentistry is not expensive. Neglect is. Make sure you come see us at least once every 6 months for your regular cleanings and checkup.

We are COVID-PREPARED! What we are doing to keep you safe

Our goal is to make your dental visit safer than any other activity you participate in outside of your “bubble” during this pandemic. We have gone above and beyond to ensure achieving safety and peace of mind of our patients and staff.


Here are some measures we are taking in addition to standard CDC and ADA guidelines:


– We utilize multiple hospital-grade virucidal ADP air disinfecting purifiers with built-in UV light in addition to true HEPPA purifiers that run 24×7 throughout the office.

– Chair-side virucidal extra-oral suctions vacuum the aerosols, filter and kill viruses using a built-in UV light.

– Virucidal HClO air disinfectant fogging is used as part of room preparation.

– Each operatory has a full-size glass sliding door to our private backyard for complete ventilation of each room using negative pressure.

– Required strict screening protocol prior to anyone entering the building, which includes checking temperature, oxygen level, and blood pressure. Anyone with ANY symptoms is rescheduled.

– Pre-op disinfecting rinse / foams that refresh, disinfect the oral cavity, and improves gingival health.

– Any individual (staff and patients) with prior COVID exposure are required to present an updated negative COVID test.

– Any individual suspecting recent COVID exposure is required to provide an updated negative COVID test or to quarantine for 7-10 days and be symptom-free.


Our goal is to make you healthier, feel and look better about your teeth, and have a pleasant experience during and after your visit.

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